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Best Romantic Restaurants in Budapest for Date Night

Best Romantic Restaurants in Budapest for Date Night

1. Onyx -Michelin Star restaurant

Located on Vörösmarty Square in the heart of Budapest.This glamorous restaurant highly skilled,detailed cooking keeps classical hungarian flavours to the fore but also presents some interesting modern twist,excellent wine list,high standard menus.

2. Tokio

Tokio is on the Pest-side of Chain bridge, next to Four Seasons hotel. Japanese specialities, great atmosphere and the cocktail creations by the head of bartender guarantee a perfect night bar experience.

3. Spoon Café&Lounge

Beside the Chain bridge just in front of Buda Castle you can find on the Danube a specially designed long boat Restaurant..perfect romantic dinner with a view.

4. Costes - Michelin Star restaurant

Costes was the first restaurant in Hungary to get a Michelin Star. Stylish and elegant, Costes restaurant is all about forgetting the outside world for a couple of hours.

5. Taverna Dionysos

Best Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Budapest. Food is simply delicious, greek feeling from the interior and the music..a little Santorini in Budapest,polite waiters giving a pleasant surprise at the end of the dinner.

6. Tanti - Michelin Star restaurant

The newest Michelin Starred restaurant in Budapest is Tanti, where classic and current trends meet. Michelin Guide, R.B. wrote about the restaurant: “this is a stylish modern restaurant and the kitchen delivers ‘clean’,fresh flavours and shows a real understanding of ingredients”.

7. Bábel - Michelin Star restaurant

It’s all about tradition at this intimate restaurant,where brick walls,parquet floors with stylish modern furnishings. Creative,complex cooking is inspired by the Austrian- Hungarian Empire, texture and temperature play their part and dishes are beautifully presented.

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