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Gourmet festival in Budapest with VIP escort companion

Gourmet festival in Budapest with VIP escort companion

The World’s 10th greatest restaurant is arriving to Budapest, May 17-20, 2018 Millenáris 

Back again this year, Hungary’s most prestigious gastro festival will be featuring the very best of everything, from the country’s most delicious strudel to the world’s #10 best rated restaurant. The event will take place on the Pentecost weekend, May 17-20, 2018 at Millenáris. The main themes of this year’s OTP Gourmet Festival include dumplings, caviar and champagne.

Exclusive lunch and dinners at Gourmet Festival:

Polish Bib Gourmand Dinner, Warsaw’s 4 Bib Gourmand restaurant offers an eight course meal with Hungarian wines, May 18, Friday at 7 PM

Exceptionally good food at moderate prices - this is the definition used for the Bib Gourmand category in the Michelin Guide. Four restaurants were awarded this rating in Poland: Alewino, Brasserie Warszawska, Butchery & Wine, and Kieliszki na Próznej. Invited the chefs of these four restaurants to attend Gourmet Festival, and co-host a dinner at our exclusive location. This will be their first time cooking together. Another special feature of the program is that the selection of Hungarian wines, recommended by the chefs and sommeliers, to accompany the dishes of the eight-course menu.


  • Welcome drink: Kreinbacher Prestige Brut Magnum 2013 - the best sprakling wine of the renowned estate
  • Sourdough bread with cold pressed rapeseed oil and polish pickles (Ale Wino) - Kreinbacher Birtok, Somló Prestige Brut sparkling wine
  • Chilled young beet soup with quail egg and crayfish (Butchery&Wine) - Garamvári Birtok, Evolution Brut Rosé 2008 sparkling wine
  • Asparagus a la polonaise (Brasserie Warszawska) - Pannonhalmi Apátsági Pincészet, Sauvignon Blanc 2017
  • Pan fried sweetbreads with morels mushrooms (Butchery&Wine) - Balassa István, Tokaji Furmint Mézes-Mály Villő 2015 
  • Wild trout with caviar and ''mizeria’’ (Kieliszki na Próżnej) - Jásdi István, Lőczedombi Olaszrizling 2016
  • 100 day green leg partridge hen with stuffing (Ale Wino) - St Andrea, Egri Bikavér Áldás 2014
  • Selection of polish farmed cheeses with condiments (Ale Wino) - Samuel Tinon, Tokaj Dry Szamorodni 2009
  • Rum baba with strawberries and rhubarb (Brasserie Warszawska) - Szepsy István, Tokaji Szamorodni 2013
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How to get an unforgettable travel experience with your partner in Budapest? Call an escort girl!

How to get an unforgettable travel experience with your partner in Budapest? Call an escort girl!

Many people think only men fantasize about what it would be like to have a threesome.There is a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding threesomes, such as how to set one up and what the experience will be like.  However, there is no way to really understand the experience than actually participating in a threesome.

Threesomes are not for everyone, but if a couple thinks they have what it takes to enter into a threesome, and have the desire to fully share in the experience, then the following tips can make the entire experience much more enjoyable, exciting and satisfying.

  • Set rules for the encounter – this is all about setting expectations and establishing a way for either partner to stop the session at any time if they are feeling uncomfortable
  • Get to know the third member before jumping into bed – take a little bit of time to get to know any prospective partner before any encounter. Having a glass of wine or a drink can be a great way to relax and become comfortable with each other.  Caution – only one or two drinks, don’t get drunk!
  • Play games – icebreaker games, especially those that are a bit naughty in nature, can be a great way to get to know the other person, share a bit about yourself, and prevent any possible embarrassment during a first threesome.
  • Gifts say a lot – presenting a small gift to a woman who is joining the couple is one of the best catalysts for getting a threesome relationship off to a great start. Have the women of the couple select a thoughtful gift that says thank you and we appreciate you.
  • Respect each other – all three members of the threesome should maintain a high level of respect and appreciation for each other. Even better is for all members of the threesome to share likes and dislikes in the bedroom before the encounter.  Communication is the key even during the threesome, no one should become uncomfortable or feel pressured to do something they do not want to.
  • Come prepared – no one knows in advance how the threesome activity will unfold or exactly what activities will be enjoyed. Bring extra condoms or other supplies that may be needed.
  • No favoritism – all three members of the threesome should be there to explore and enjoy the other two. There should be no favoritism of one partner over the other.  This can lead to hurt feelings and resentment.
  • Discuss with your partner if you want to continue pursuing these sorts of relationships.  Honesty is always the best policy.

With a thorough understanding of each other’s desires, a common agreement about a threesome, and some thoughtful preparation, threesomes can be quite exciting and enjoyable for all people involved.  If you are interested in pursuing one, talk to your partner and discuss the idea in detail before taking any action.

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Best Romantic Restaurants in Budapest for Date Night

Best Romantic Restaurants in Budapest for Date Night

1. Onyx -Michelin Star restaurant

Located on Vörösmarty Square in the heart of Budapest.This glamorous restaurant highly skilled,detailed cooking keeps classical hungarian flavours to the fore but also presents some interesting modern twist,excellent wine list,high standard menus.

2. Tokio

Tokio is on the Pest-side of Chain bridge, next to Four Seasons hotel. Japanese specialities, great atmosphere and the cocktail creations by the head of bartender guarantee a perfect night bar experience.

3. Spoon Café&Lounge

Beside the Chain bridge just in front of Buda Castle you can find on the Danube a specially designed long boat Restaurant..perfect romantic dinner with a view.

4. Costes - Michelin Star restaurant

Costes was the first restaurant in Hungary to get a Michelin Star. Stylish and elegant, Costes restaurant is all about forgetting the outside world for a couple of hours.

5. Taverna Dionysos

Best Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Budapest. Food is simply delicious, greek feeling from the interior and the music..a little Santorini in Budapest,polite waiters giving a pleasant surprise at the end of the dinner.

6. Tanti - Michelin Star restaurant

The newest Michelin Starred restaurant in Budapest is Tanti, where classic and current trends meet. Michelin Guide, R.B. wrote about the restaurant: “this is a stylish modern restaurant and the kitchen delivers ‘clean’,fresh flavours and shows a real understanding of ingredients”.

7. Bábel - Michelin Star restaurant

It’s all about tradition at this intimate restaurant,where brick walls,parquet floors with stylish modern furnishings. Creative,complex cooking is inspired by the Austrian- Hungarian Empire, texture and temperature play their part and dishes are beautifully presented.

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Valentine's Day in a beautiful escort Model's company

Valentine's Day in a beautiful escort Model's company

Valentin's Day is around the corner, but you don't know how to impress the sexiest lady in your company? We have got some ideas how to make not only Valentine's Day but Valentine's Evening unforgettable too.

A nice breakfast

If you decide to spend an entire day with one of our most beautiful escort Model, you can start the day with a delicious breakfast at the cosy Deryne Bistro, where you can talk and get to know each other while a beautiful piano music playing at the background. 

Getting closer

After you have had breakfast, you`ve got plenty of options for you to get closer to each other. There isn't anything more magnificent then a 5 hours luxurious treatment for the both of you. In the tiniest bikini at the Mandala Day Spa you can enjoy manicure, pedicure, moisturising face treatment, 30 minutes body scrub, Turkish bath, 20 minutes Jacuzzi with a glass of champagne and luxurious chocolate selection and last a 75 minutes double massage. 

After all these treatments you can finish your day off in a hotel room, where our sexy escort Model can satisfy all your needs. 

A romantic dinner

A romantic dinner in a stylish restaurant is a necessary momentum of a perfect date. The Nobu Budapest offers you a Valentine's Day dinner with love desserts, amazing cocktails and live music. Everything is given for a perfect day ending. 

We can help you to have a perfect, unforgettable Valentine`s Day. All you need to do is to choose an exclusive escort Model with whom you would like to spend a wonderful day on the day of love.

If you would like to see all of our stunning Model`s faces, please register on our Vip Lounge website:


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New experiences and programs in Budapest

New experiences and programs in Budapest

New year, new experiences and programs in Budapest. If you would like to spend some time in the capital of Hungary with an attractive Escort Model, here you can find some exciting events.

20. Jan - 11. March 2018

You can enjoy the 12. Budapest International Circus Festival’s best repertoire with one of our sexy Escort Model. What a pleasant way to start the new year. 

The first Budapest Circus festival was held 22 years ago, in 1996. As a result of the concept and casting of the Hungarian professionals, the Budapest Circus Festival soon proved to be equal quality to the greatest festivals of the circus world: in addition to Monte Carlo, Latina and Moscow Budapest also has become an important meeting point for the circus art. 

The opening celebration will be held on the Budapest International Circus Festival, in the Capital Circus.

22 - 28 April 2018 

Ice Hockey World Championship in Budapest in a company of a breathtakingly beautiful woman, who is very keen on all types of sports and with whom you can cheer for the players… exclusive experience with an exclusive Escort Model… what more could you wish for?

The Group A tournament will be held in Budapest Sports Arena where you can see the best Participants from Hungary, Great Britain, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Italy and Poland. 

2- 6 May 2018

The Illusionists - Tüske Arena, Budapest

Live magic show from The Illusionist for the very first time in Budapest. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable attraction in a company of a beautiful Escort Model.

Seven of the most incredible illusionists on earth enact mind bending acts of magic and illusion, many of which have never been seen before. Audiences will witness jaw dropping acts of grand illusion, levitation, mind- reading, disappearance and for the first time ever in history, a full view water torture escape.

Ladies for Budapest programs:

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The best four hotels In Budapest by our recommendation

The best four hotels In Budapest by our recommendation

1. Buddha-Bar Hotel

Highly recommended escort friendly hotel.

One of the best 5 star hotel (Best of Budapest Award 2012)

Buddha-Bar Budapest Klotild Palace announced that its signature Spa, the Buddhattitude Spa has been recognized as the country winner in 2015 in the BEST LUXURY WELLNESS SPA category by the World Luxury Spa Awards:

2 different kind of Restaurants in the Hotel:

Baalbek- Lebanese Restaurant

This new hip place for oriental cuisine lovers.The restaurant offers the finest Levantine cuisine prepares all dishes halal, home made Arabic bread, traditional Arabic tea and offering a wide range of premium shishas.

Buddha Bar Restaurant

Elegant Asian style interior mix of flavours from Japan, China, Thailand and India, spiced by French influence

Rooms: bright red glass door, black marble bathroom, huge bath tube, sexy dark colors

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Escort in Budapest

Escort in Budapest

Explore the capital city of Hungary with your favorite escort model. The best to see Buda by day and to discover Pest by night.


1. Buda Castle Hill:

Your best option is to walk along the cobblestone streets and discover Castle Hill with your sexy companion.

Take your time,as there is a lot to see and do and exploring together the Castle Hill,its can take entire day.

Visit with your escort girl the Matthias Church,Trinity square and the Fisherman's Bastion.


2. Fisherman's Bastion:

The bastion is located right behind the Matthias Church in the castle district,its often the first stop for tourists

visiting in Budapest. 

Between the Matthias Church and the Fisherman's Bastion stands a statue of the first christian king of Hungary, 


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Escort in Venice

Escort in Venice

Spend a few romantic days with our HIGH CLASS ESCORT Model in Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy!

The best time to visit this city is during the Carnival of Venice. This city is one of the most romantic and most beautiful of them all.

You can seize many EROTIC ADVENTURES with your favourite escort model.

be sure to wear your venetian mask and see the city from behind your disguise.

It is a great free time activity to see the island on a gondola.

Best hotel in Venice:

Hotel Danieli ...A Luxury Collection Hotel

Special Events at Hotel Danieli : Sweet dance lessons ( 2-6-8.febr.2016)

An afternoon with YOUR DREAM WOMAN having fun,learning the basic steps of group dances from the 1700s.

The Saint Mark square (Piazza San Marco) is said to be one of the most beautiful squares in the world. It worths a visit to the Correr Museum, which can be a great program for whom are interested in history and in art.

At the same spot you can find the famous 1 Michelin star Quadri Restaurant, where you could spend an unforgettable night with a DECORATIVE ESCORT MODEL.

The amazing panoramic view to the Saint Mark square enhances the mood.

Ladies for Venice travel escort:

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